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4th Edition

A practical, tested approach for
finding new clients and growing your business.

“I was simply blown away by how much insight you have packed into such a tight and convenient package. I feel like you’ve reduced the E-Newsletter learning curve significantly.

“As I continue to read your materials, everything is beginning to make more sense. Now, I am really excited to work on my next issue.

Matthew Poepsel

Thrive, Inc.


Dear Professional Service Provider,

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E-Newsletter System™ creator,
Michael Katz.


I think I know what's troubling you. You’re good at what you do — in fact you LOVE what you do — but you don’t know a lot about marketing, and you hate selling.

Whether you're a financial planner, attorney, consultant, coach, recruiter, writer or other professional, you want to spend your time doing the work you love and know how to do. 

But in order to do that, you need an ongoing stream of prospects and clients — and you haven’t yet figured out how to make that happen consistently.


An E-Newsletter can solve that problem for you.

Since I launched my own business in 1999, I’ve never made a cold call, never sent a piece of direct mail and never spent a cent on advertising
(other than sponsoring my son's little league team). I don’t even attend business networking meetings anymore, other than for the fun of meeting other people.

And it’s all because I have an effective E-Newsletter (something which you can have too).

But it’s not that easy to do if you don't know how.  There's a lot of competition for the attention of your readers – nobody wants more e-mail and the rise of social media has caused an exponential growth in the amount of noise and information we're all exposed to every day.

You need to create something that will be anticipated, opened, read and passed along enthusiastically — if you want more business and more clients to come your way.


My 154-page E-Newsletter System™ will show you how to think about, plan and create an effective E-Newsletter of your own, so that prospects come to you. It's intended specifically for professional service providers like you and me, and it focuses on the concepts and tactics that are unique to the work we do and the way we find clients.


"I have devoured your materials. You addressed all of the issues that I was struggling with along with some I had not even considered and would have bumped into eventually."

Tim Morrison
Write-Choice Services, Inc.

Wouldn’t you prefer that prospects call you?!


My entire stream of clients — 100% of it — results from doing one thing: publishing a focused, interesting, high quality E-Newsletter for a select group of clients, referral sources and prospects.

You can create the same results for your business.


With an effective E-Newsletter, every time you publish the phone rings and the e-mails arrive: prospects want to learn more about what you do; past clients think of reasons to hire you again; business organizations invite you to give paid presentations to their members; journalists get in touch to interview you or quote you in stories related to your expertise; complementary organizations ask you to partner with them; and publications request permission to reprint your newsletters.


The bigger your list gets the more often it happens, and the more often it happens the bigger your list gets. Your E-Newsletter will become the engine of your entire sales and marketing strategy, bringing you leads and clients you would never have been able to find on your own through the manual labor of networking or prospecting.


Not only that, but the leads who do contact you will be pre-qualified since they’re calling you on the basis of having read your newsletters and are therefore much further along in the sales process than would be a stranger whom you contacted cold.


It’s a “virtuous cycle” that literally feeds on itself, and once you learn how to do it, it will completely free you from the burden (and fear) of not having enough work. You can stop looking for clients — publish a high quality newsletter and they will come to you.


A quality E-Newsletter attracts people to you and makes everything about your business run more smoothly:


  • It brings you new, pre-qualified prospects
  • It turns old prospects into clients
  • It generates more business with your existing clients
  • It positions you as an industry expert
  • It gets you exposure in search engines
  • It gives you a place to develop and refine new ideas and techniques
  • It provides an opportunity for shaping and articulating your vision   



“If you want to publish an E-Newsletter, just buy this system. You’ll have a turnkey method for getting your word out with no pain and all gain.

“Katz has constructed a logical way to build a newsletter, and in doing so has taken the threat and mystery out of the entire process.  If there’s any question about the intricacies of publishing an E-Newsletter, Katz has answered every one in an easy to follow step-by-step way.  It’s clearly worth more than the price.”

Michael McLaughlin

Guerrilla Marketing for Consultants


How the E-Newsletter System™ came about

When I left my job to start my business, I had a big problem. I knew what I wanted to do (web site development, at the time), but I had no idea how to get clients.

All the other professionals I spoke with told me I needed to spend lots of time cold calling strangers, a thought which frankly made me feel sick (and still does). I’m just not a natural salesman, and I couldn’t imagine doing it.

So I started sending e-mails to people I knew. Not trying to sell them, just staying in touch and keeping them informed regarding the Internet (my passion, and a very hot topic in 1999). I didn’t see this as a marketing tool, or as the alternative to cold calling that it ultimately turned out to be, I was just trying to make a connection.

But then a funny thing started to happen. People I’d never heard of asked me to add them to my list. Other people began forwarding my e-mails to friends and colleagues. And before long, many of the people on my list began calling and e-mailing, wanting to hire me!

In terms of technique, I was literally making it up as I went along, trying this and that, spending money on software and e-mail vendors that didn’t perform, and writing without any particular voice or content focus.  Back then it didn’t matter so much, since e-mail marketing was new and you could afford to make a lot of mistakes (which I did).

Eventually, I got the kinks worked out, gained some perspective on what worked (and what didn’t), and began advising other professionals on the fundamentals of effective electronic newsletters. 

But here's the problem.  Although consulting to professional service businesses is still how I spend most of my time, I've always known that most small businesspeople can't afford to hire me.  It costs thousands of dollars to have me work with you on an individual basis, and while I knew I could help small business owners launch and improve their E-Newsletters, I also knew that my consulting work was only reaching a small group of people.

The E-Newsletter System™ was created to give you access to all my E-Newsletter knowledge, without your having to hire me. I've taken all the exercises, questions and examples — the entire process that I use one-on-one with clients — and put it all into one, easy-to-use system.   When you consider that the entire system costs less than the price of one hour of consulting time, it's a bargain.


About Michael J. Katz

E-Newsletter System™ creator Michael J. Katz is Founder of Boston based, Blue Penguin Development, Inc. and is a recognized expert in the creation and management of effective electronic newsletters for professional service providers.

He is the publisher of “Michael Katz’s Solo Professional E-Newsletter,” a free biweekly now in its 11th year, and has developed dozens of E-Newsletters.

He has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Business Week Online, Bloomberg TV, The Boston Globe, The Boston Herald, and other national and local media. Michael has a BA from McGill University in Montreal and an MBA from Boston University.

The E-Newsletter System™ is a logical, step-by-step guide that will lead you through the entire E-Newsletter process.  Here's just a partial list of what this downloadable, 154-page program covers:

  • Creating a newsletter name and subheading with impact (page 51)
  • Defining your target audience (page 25)
  • Choosing between an HTML or a text newsletter (page 46)
  • How to create newsletter sections that will make your writing easier (page 31)
  • How and why to mention your own clients in your newsletter (page 42)
  • Why reader feedback is important and how to get it (page 43)
  • Determining the best day of week / time of day to publish (page 76)
  • Tracking your Return On Investment (page 14)
  • Growing the size of your E-Newsletter list (page 67)
  • Understanding the three secrets to an effective E-Newsletter (page 18)
  • Promoting your newsletter so that browsers subscribe (page 70)
  • Deciding how often to publish (page 75)
  • Avoiding content burnout (page 29)
  • Striking a balance between promotional and "real" content (page 34)
  • Creating a content plan (page 21)
  • Why you need to archive past newsletters on your web site (page 59)
  • Surveying readers to find out what they want (page 28)
  • When, how and how much to hyperlink (page 39)
  • Why opinionated newsletters are the most effective (page 36).
  • Dealing with SPAM (page 74)
  • Integrating stories and metaphors into your newsletter (page 41)
  • Choosing the best editorial format (page 49)
  • Determining optimal newsletter length ( page 50)
  • Crafting the perfect welcome letter (page 82)
  • How and why to copyright your newsletter (page 62)
  • Setting up your newsletter’s “from” field correctly (page 80)
  • Why you should write your own content (page 27)
  • Deciding what information to request when a reader subscribes (page 72)
  • The pros and cons of requiring readers to visit your web site (page 55)
  • The problem with e-mail attachments (page 48)
  • Understanding why selling ads in your newsletter is a mistake (page 56)

“Thanks for all your encouragement, great materials and wonderful examples. Your learning program was simple to follow, easily laid out and the examples were excellent. It was a worthwhile investment – thanks for making it such a great product.

Karole Sutherland

The Sutherland Consulting Group



In addition to everything described above, The
E-Newsletter System™ is filled with tested, real life sample materials, so you can see exactly how to put these ideas into practice:

  • E-Newsletter Names and Subheadings. Full color, fully-formatted examples of effective E-Newsletter names and subheadings.

  • Welcome Letters. See examples of welcome letters and understand why they work.

  • E-Newsletter Tracking Sheet. A preformatted, Excel spreadsheet layout for tracking your results issue to issue.

  • E-Newsletter Opening Notes. Examples of what to say in the opening of each newsletter.
  • E-Newsletter Sign-Up Form for distribution when speaking to a group. Use this form to get 75%+ of those who hear you speak to sign up for your newsletter.

  • Notification Letter for SPAM-Filtered E-Mails. Use this message to send to readers whose e-mails bounce, to instantly increase your newsletter open rate.

  • SPECIAL SECTION: Seven, full color, fully-formatted, complete E-Newsletter samples with specific explanations of what works in each, highlighted and cross referenced in the accompanying text.

  • A 15-page, 21-question Action Plan.  This plan will systematically guide you through the thought process of developing your E-Newsletter. This Action Plan is cross referenced in the text of the main document, and pulls all the concepts and guidelines into a simple, straightforward tool that you can use as you prepare to launch.  I’ve even included a completed sample of the Action Plan, so that you can see how I’ve answered the questions and use this as a guide in creating your own newsletter plan.


The E-Newsletter System™ is 100% downloadable and/or viewable online. You'll receive it immediately after placing your order and can work with it on your computer, print it out, or both.

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"As a long-time e-newsletter publisher myself, I can recognize the depth of Michael's knowledge and the common sense of the approach he advocates. This isn't a patchwork of tips drawn from a variety of sources. This is an in-depth, cohesive program drawn from Michael's own, considerable experience and success.

"I would certainly recommend this program for anyone who wants to get their name out there, build their reputation and attract more business."

Nick Usborne

Excess Voice


The most important thing to understand about electronic newsletters. . .


. . . If you're just starting out, you may think that the hardest part of publishing an E-Newsletter will be getting it out the door — the formatting and logistical aspects of handling the lists, laying out the pieces, and making sure that everybody who requests your newsletter receives it.

That’s important, no doubt about it (and a great deal of this program is dedicated to those topics), but it’s not what will make the difference between a newsletter that drives clients to you and one that contributes nothing.


The challenge you have in publishing an E-Newsletter — if you want it to make your phone ring with more clients and more work — is “WHY?!?!”


. . . Why should I bother reading your newsletter when I get dozens sent to me every day?!


. . . Why should I put down what I’m doing and read this? 

. . . Why should I remember you? 

. . . Why should I believe that you are an expert in what you do?

. . . Why should I call you the next time I have a business need that your firm can satisfy? 

. . . Why should I share this newsletter with friends and colleagues?

The answer to these questions is not a technical or logistical or design answer. The answer to “Why?” is fundamentally about creating content that a particular audience (i.e. the people you’ve identified as those whose business you want to attract) wants to receive and enjoys reading.  My E-Newsletter System™ is all about showing you how to do this.



Word of mouth isn’t random and it isn’t luck.


As a professional service provider, you know that word of mouth is the primary (and best) way to get new clients. 

The prospects who come to you through referrals and recommendations are much more likely to become clients.  In fact, the whole process of meeting them, talking with them and ultimately starting work together is much easier and much more enjoyable than with a stranger.

But you probably think of word of mouth as a fortunate, but random accident (I know that I used to).  It isn’t.  With a systematic approach to staying in front of everybody you know (i.e. with a high quality E-Newsletter), you’ll generate word of mouth consistently and efficiently.

My system details an approach for helping professionals like you and me break through the clutter and attract clients. It emphasizes the human, personal nature of the way we’ve always done business, and it will show you how to create a clear, consistent message that reflects your personality and differentiates you from your competitors. 


“You helped me see the genuine voice and vision behind my company, and have given me a clarity and presence with my clients that I hadn’t had before. Your suggestions have been right on the money. . . I feel more focused than in a long time.”

Rosalind Joffe



You can own the complete E-Newsletter System™

for just $197.00.

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Order Today, And Here’s What Else You’ll Receive:


Bonus #1

Special Report: “The Very Best Of Michael Katz’s E-Newsletter on E-Newsletters”


I’ve published over 250 newsletters in the last 10 years, all of which have focused on showing professionals how to create effective newsletters and market themselves in a way that helps them stand out from the crowd.

In this 47-page, downloadable, special report, I’ve hand-picked the 20 most important past issues — the ones that do the best job of clarifying and explaining how to create a marketing tool for your business that will make a difference — and present them to you in one complete publication.

This special report is cross-referenced from within the E-Newsletter System™ so that as you learn new concepts you can read more about them in the report.


Here’s what the report covers:

  • Enthusiasm. A word that makes all the difference in whether or not your E-Newsletter is compelling to your readers, and enjoyable to you.
  • Free samples. Why they are so useful to the potential buyers of your service. Plus, one critical tip for making sure you’re not standing in the way of letting this happen.
  • Content selection. Where to look for the content you need to attract the readers you want.
  • Experience. Sometimes having too much of it is what gets in your way.
  • Taking a position. Why taking clear, focused position on issues that matter in your business is a critical piece to developing clients with your E-Newsletter.
  • Regularity. Why your newsletter needs to be published on a steady, consistent, regular basis.
  • Content planning. Why planning newsletter content too far in advance is a mistake.
  • Focus. Narrowing your newsletter’s focus will attract the readers you want.
  • Formatting. Little things can make a big difference.
  • Prospect conversion. How to position your newsletter so that it converts readers into prospects into clients.
  • Targeting your audience. Writing effectively to attract the readers (and clients) you want.
  • Small businesses marketing. Using your local presence to your advantage (rather than trying to “copy the big guys”).
  • E-Newsletter effectiveness. Understanding what your E-Newsletter is good for — and the danger of using it inappropriately.
  • Viral marketing. How to encourage readers to share your newsletters with others.
  • Relationship marketing. Using time to your advantage in growing your business through stronger relationships.
  • Reader attention. How to get it and how to keep it in our information-packed world.
  • E-Newsletter strategy. Understanding your newsletter’s “big picture,” so it makes a difference for your business.
  • Small business marketing. Using your small business size to your advantage, in a way that your larger competitors can’t touch.
  • Gaining referrals. How to cultivate an army of newsletter “fans” who will send colleagues and friends to you.
  • And one special BONUS: A never before published article — “Love The One You’re With” — which explains the “relationship marketing” philosophy that is at the heart of my E-Newsletter approach.



Bonus #2

"The E-Newsletter Quick Start Audio Teleseminar"


Recorded live, this 57-minute downloadable audio is entirely focused on helping E-Newsletter publishers get up and running quickly. Download it to your computer or transfer it to your portable MP3 player and listen to the ideas again and again as you work through the program.

Here is what it covers:

  • The three biggest obstacles to publishing an E-Newsletter and how to overcome them
  • Understanding the “E-Newsletter game”
  • Choosing a target audience
  • The single best approach for growing the size of your subscriber list
  • The importance of partnering with an e-mail marketing vendor from Day 1
  • How to choose the right e-mail marketing vendor
  • The best length for an E-Newsletter
  • How to measure the success of your E-Newsletter
  • The right time of day and day of week to publish your newsletter
  • Why limiting the size of your newsletter audience works to your advantage
  • How on screen reading is different from reading on paper, and what that implies for newsletter formatting
  • How to know when your list is big enough to start publishing
  • Which format is best — PDF Vs. HTML Vs. text — and why
  • Why reader feedback is so important and how to get it in the first place
  • How to stand out by “taking a position” in the way you write
  • How much to reach out to readers and how much to lay back in generating more client work
  • How to apply the “business lunch” approach when writing your newsletter
  • How much is too much when it comes to marketing to your subscriber list
Click the "play" button to listen to a
one minute excerpt from this teleseminar right now:

Bonus #3

"Email Marketing Content That Works!" (A two-hour webinar)

Recorded live, this practical, powerful, two-hour AUDIO AND VISUAL webinar focuses on helping business people develop effective email marketing content. It provides fresh content ideas and a host of new ways to shape your content strategy. This webinar sells as a standalone program for $117.00 – it's included for free with your purchase of the E-Newsletter System.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Why good content matters
  • How to define your target audience
  • Why and how to narrow your focus
  • Where to find an unlimited supply of good topic ideas
  • How to position yourself as the “World’s Leading Expert”
  • What to do if you can’t write well (or simply hate it)
  • How to involve readers and generate feedback
  • Striking the right balance between “promotional” and “informational” content
  • Finding your authentic voice (and why it matters)
  • Why and how to use personal stories
  • How to keep from giving away "too much" free information
  • How to avoid content burnout
  • The trick to making your writing come alive
  • How social media has changed business e-mail (forever)

This two-hour webinar sells as a standalone program for $117.00 – it's included as a FREE bonus with your purchase of the E-Newsletter System.


"Michael Katz provides an excellent system to help you start from scratch and be able to produce a top notch ezine that will help grow your business immediately.

"It will help you produce an 'Oprah-like' bond with your email list members that can not only reduce your list attrition, but increase your conversions with each issue."

Christopher Knight



The E-Newsletter System™ comes with a
60-DAY Money Back Guarantee!


I’m so sure about this approach, and so confident that it will create the flow of clients that you’re looking for, that I’m happy to offer a risk-free guarantee.


Order the product, look it over, start doing the exercises. If it's not everything I've said it is, just let me know and I’ll refund your purchase price.  No explanation required.



What is your time worth to you? 

What is one new client worth to you?


The fact is, none of this is all that complicated. And if you spent the next ten years sorting through all the details as I have, I’m sure you could also learn how to create something reliable, professional and effective. But (and here comes the big sell for this material) it would take you months of research and years of mistakes, missteps and stumbles to learn all of this on your own.


Or, you could download a copy of my E-Newsletter System™ today, and be on your way to creating an effective, business-building E-Newsletter the right way, the first time.



To sum up, here’s what you get: 

  • The 154-page, downloadable, E-Newsletter System™, complete with an easy to follow, cross referenced, E-Newsletter Action Plan
  • Bonus #1, The 47-page special report: “The Very Best Of Michael Katz’s E-Newsletter on E-Newsletters”
  • Bonus #2, The 57-minute downloadable audio: “The E-Newsletter Quick Start Teleseminar”
  • Bonus #3, The two-hour, "Email Marketing Content That Works!" webinar (a $117.00 value)
  • A 60-DAY, no questions asked, Money Back Guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with the materials


You could search the Internet, hire consultants, read articles, scour bookstores, and do your best to find and speak with experienced E-Newsletter publishers.  Or you can download everything you need, right now, today, for just $197.00. Click "Add to Cart" below now to place your order and get started.

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All the best,



Michael Katz

Creator, The E-Newsletter System™


P.S. I’ve offered a money back guarantee, to make this as easy and risk free for you as possible.  Place your order, try it out and decide for yourself.


P.P.S. Still have questions? Just send me an e-mail or give me a call (508-497-0900), and I’ll be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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